Mascots SA have been creating World Class Custom Made Mascots since 2004. Our Prestigious stable of clients are testament to our quality.
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With over 7000 Mascots made to-date, our products are being used by companies throughout Africa and World-Wide. Regardless of whether you are a Small Local Creche or a Giant Corporate Brand, you will receive expert advice, personal service, competitive pricing and ongoing support. CONTACT US REQUEST A QUOTE.

Our prices represent Best Value For Money and International Clients can take advantage of South Africa's US$ to ZAR Exchange Rate.


Bring Your Character to Life

So you are thinking of having a mascot made but do not know where to start ? No problem. Mascots SA can help you design and develop your mascot from conception to completion. Our art department will assist you in taking your mascot vision from an idea to a complete custom designed mascot costume. Our very experienced design team will select the best materials and fabrics to ensure a quality and durable end product. About our Mascots



Every Mascot created is hand crafted by a team of experienced Designers, Fabricators & Costumiers. The Production methods used will vary according to the mascot design.



The greater the level of complexity, the longer it takes to create adding cost. We do not compromises on quality so it is critical to plan carefully to avoid unnecessary costs.

FREE Conceptual Design is all part of the service

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 Mascots SA has an in-house art & animation department to assist you in Conceptual Design. During the Design Phase we will take into account Size, Vision, Ventilation, Comfort, Balance, Fabrics & Branding. The final design is then used to create the final product. Just look at the images above showing how close the final character is to the conceptual design.

Mascots In Action

There is no doubt that mascots are the most cost effective form of below the line advertising. Wether promoting a new product, running an awareness campaign or getting a crowd to cheer your team on, a mascots is the perfect ambassador for your brand. Just take a look at some of our Mascots In Action.

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About Our Heads

Light - Durable - Hygienic

We use the latest technology in our development process. Gone are the days of heavy, brittle fibreglass and expanded foam heads that go out of shape. All our heads are manufactured using a thermo forming process making them extremely strong yet light to wear and hygienic. The head can be wiped out after every use and sanitised. They are covered in a durable, easy clean fabric to suit the character and your brand requirements. Vision is generally via the mouth but can sometimes be via the nose and / or eyes if the character does not allow for an open mouth. Inside every head is a lightweight helmet with adjustable strap to ensure the head fits various head sizes. To assist in keeping the wearer cool, a fan assisted cooling system can be fitted.

Every attention is given to detail. Our eyes are pre formed and hand painted. Teeth are individually cast from foam rubber and hand painted for realism. Vision is either via the eyes or mouth. If via the mouth, the wearer is disguised through a concealed gauze.                            ATTENTION TO DETAIL...

Optional Extras 
Keep Cool - Protect Your Investment - Hygeine & Safety

Keep your Mascot in Tip Top Condition & Extend the Life of Your Mascot

Tote Boxes & Bags
Mascot Spa Treatment: 
Cooling Systems

Keep the wearer cool to maximise the impact & performance of your mascot. Find out more about our fan assisted cooling systems and cooling vests

Mascots work hard and need some care and attention to keep them in tip top condition. Remember, your mascot represents your brand so you always want it to look its best. Our Spa Treatment includes a head to toe clean and a full maintenance check up. 

( Service not available to mascots made in China as they are not suited )

Refurbish vs New

Is your mascot looking old & tired. Let us have a look and see if we can give it a new life.


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3D Animated Model of your Mascot