Design Ideas

To create the Mascot Character you want it is important to consider the various components required to give you the 'Look' you require.

To assist, we have included below various Designs which you can make reference to. Each Design explains what components have been included.

  • Deluxe Custom Made Head 

  • Muscle Torso with lycra or fur sleeves

  • Branded Sports Shirt

  • Deluxe Animal Gloves

  • Sports Shorts

  • Lycra or fur leggings  ( Optional )

  • Wear own Socks & Boots

Sporty Mascot

Super Hero

  • Deluxe Custom Made Head in a Human or Animal character

  • Full Body Muscle Suit

  • Full Body Lycra Costume - Branded

  • Mascot Cape ( optional branding )

  • Super Hero Boots

  • Optional 'Gauntlet' Gloves

  • Super Hero style belt


Dressed Animal

  • Custom Made Animal Head

  • Full Plush Fur Body Suit

  • Mascot Cloths - Male or Female

  • Deluxe animal hands / gloves

  • Deluxe Animal Feet or Shoes

  • Branding


Standard Animal

  • Custom Made Animal Head

  • Full Body Animal Suit - lined.

  • Standard Four Finger Gloves

  • Standard Three Toe Feet

  • Branding


Dressed Human

  • Deluxe Custom Made Head 

  • Full body Second Skin to match head

  • Mascot Style Costume as required - Male or Female

  • Deluxe Mascot Shoes or Sneakers

  • Branding


Shaped Animal

  • Deluxe Custom Made Head

  • Animal POD Body Shaper to be worn under fur animal suit.

  • Extra Large Plush Fur Animal Suit

  • Deluxe Gloves

  • Deluxe Animal 'Hoof' Feet

  • Branding


Food Mascots

  • Custom Made 'POD' of food product

  • Full Body under suit to cover all exposed skin.

  • Deluxe hands /  Gloves

  • Deluxe Shoes

  • Branding


Ojects Mascot

  • Custom Made 'POD' of object 

  • Full Body under suit to cover all exposed skin.

  • Deluxe hands /  Gloves

  • Deluxe Shoes

  • Branding