About Our Heads
Light - Durable - Hygienic



A Vent is hidden into the top of every head to assist in ventilation. As mascots are hot to wear we do advise including a Fan Assisted Cooling System into your budget.

This system pulls fresh air into the head via the Air In vent using a 12v DC fan. The air is passed over a medical grade cooling gel. This cools the air down as it passes across the face. As the air warms up it rises and exits the head via an Air Out vent.

Attention To Detail


We use the latest technology in our development process. Gone are the days of heavy, brittle fibreglass and expanded foam heads that go out of shape. All our heads are manufactured using a thermo forming process making them extremely strong yet light to wear and hygienic. The head can be wiped out after every use and sanitised. They are covered in a durable, easy clean fabric to suit the character and your brand requirements. Vision is generally via the mouth but can sometimes be via the nose and / or eyes if the character does not allow for an open mouth. Inside every head is a lightweight helmet with adjustable strap to ensure the head fits various head sizes. To assist in keeping the wearer cool, a fan assisted cooling system can be fitted.

Our heads are almost Indestructable ! Guaranteed !


Every attention is given to detail. Our eyes are pre formed and hand painted. Teeth are individually cast from foam rubber and hand painted for realism. Vision is either via the eyes or mouth. If via the mouth, the wearer is disguised through a concealed gauze.


Custom Made Mascots vs Party Mascots

A Custom Made Mascot is an investment. It is hand crafted in very strong and durable materials according to your own unique design and specifications. A Custom Made Mascot will last for years and will act as an ambassador for your brand. As the owner of a Custom Made Mascot you own the rights to develop merchandising and exposure of your character often becoming household names.

Party Mascots that are often seen advertised on various commercial and social network platforms, have been made to a price to keep them as cheap as possible. Made in China, they have been developed using low grade materials that are adequate for a 'Once Off' use, typically for a kiddies party, but will not survive continued use or washing. Many are illegal copies of Disney Characters etc. Such mascots cannot be used for commercial use as they infringe International Copyright Laws.