Cost Breakdown (subject to design)
Cape Town Tourisn Female Penguin (1)_adobespark_edited.png
Complete Body Pod. from R14,500
Muscle Suits from R3,500
Mascot hands / Gloves   from R750 pair
Skin Suits from R1,750
Delux Shoes / Boots R2,750 pair
Delux Head R9,500 to R12,500
Delux Hands from R1500 pair
Branding  from R850
Mascot Clothing. from R1,500
Lined Mascot Suit. R3,500
Delux Feet  R2,450 per pair
Body Shaper from. R3,500

Optional Extra's: 

Tote Bag from R1,500

Tote Box from R1,950

Fan Assisted Cooling System from R1,500

Cooling Vest from R1,500

Personal Sweat Suit R1,750

Props from R500 per item

  • Costs are determined by the complexity of the design. A complex mascots takes longer to create hence pushing up labor costs. Similarly a complex mascots will likely require additional materials and development processes.

  • Regardless of your budget, contact us to discuss your requirements so we can advise the most cost effective solution. 

  • Lead time is 4 to 6 weeks from confirmation of Order, subject to change depending on orders in production.
  • Priority Service is available for clients with tight deadlines. This service is subject to a 20% surcharge