Transport & Storage Cases

Protect your investment with our unique Tote Box, Flight Case or Tote Bag. Most damage to a mascot occurs during storage and transport. Save $$ in maintenance and cleaning and keep your character in Tip Top condition for its next performance. 

Custom Made Flight Cases
The ultimate protection for storage & transportation of your investment

Side Handles

Lock & Key

Aluminium Frame

6mm Plywood

Caster Wheels


Keep Cool

Fan Assisted Cooling System

Very popular as an addition to our mascot heads. The fan draws fresh air in via the 'In Vent' and passes it over a cooling gel which cools down the air as it passes over the face. The warm and stale air rises and exits the mascot head via the 'Out Vent'.

Battery operated 12v DC. Optional rechargeable battery pack. Switch located at base of head for easy access.





 Tote Box

Developed by Theatreland, the Tote Box combines the benefits of a Tote Bag and Flight Case giving excellent protection during transport and storage. Aluminium Frame, Nylon Canvas Cover, Solid top & Base, Carry Handles. HIGHLY RECOMMENDED

Tote Bag

Padded Tote Bag for added protection. Nylon Canvas exterior. Over the Shoulder 'Carrying Strap'.

Cooling Systems

Mascots can be hot to wear so we have created a selection of 'Cooling Systems' to make life more comfortable for the wearer. By keeping the wearer cool, he or she will perform better and longer whilst wearing the mascot.

As part of the mascot design we include ventilation holes and use breathable materials to make the experience as comfy as possible. A mascot should only be worn for a maximum of 30 minutes before taking a break. The wearer should be kept well hydrated at all times.


We advise adding one of our cooling options especially if the mascot is to be used in hot conditions.


Cooling Vest

The Cooling Vest is popular when worn under our large 'POD' style mascots. It is worn like a waist coat. Manufactured from stretchable fabrics, the Cooling Vest is both comfy and is a 'One Size Fits All'  solution ( standard build ).

The Cooling Vest has Six pockets to hold Cooling Gels. Four Cooling Gels are supplied and can be located to suit. Simply place the cooling gels in a freezer a few hours before a performance to keep the wearer cool for at least two hours.