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To add that final touch to your mascot why not consider our optional accessories

 Fan Assisted Cooling system.

This battery operated fan system is installed inside the head of the mascot and draws in fresh air which is then passed over a cooling gel. The cool air flows over the wearers face and exits via a ventilation hole hidden in the top of the mascot head. Highly recommended due to our hot African weather.

 Cooling Vest.

Wear this vest under your mascot costume to assist in keeping the wearer cool and comfy in hot conditions. There are pockets in the vest where  pre-chilled cooling gels are located. The elasticated design of the vests helps it to fit snugly around the body. 


Tote Bags,

Protect your investment with a padded Tote Bag. Made from heavy duty nylon canvass the Tote Bag will protect your mascot from bad weather conditions and marks caused during transport and storage. The Tote Bag also makes the mascot easier to carry and keeps all the parts of the mascot together reducing the chances of loosing smaller parts such as gloves and feet. Highly Recommended.

 Flight Cases.

The ultimate in protection for your mascot, especially for mascots that travel a lot. Made from 6mm marine ply, aluminium and heavy duty castors. This can extend the life of your mascot by years and reduce maintenance, repairs and cleaning.



Many mascots require branding or a message clearly displayed. For this we use a variety of printing options from sublimation to heat transfer in addition to embroidery. Our in-house art department will work closely with you to ensure that all your branding requirements are met.


Spare / Additional Parts.

Where a campaign involves wearing a mascot a lot it may be advisable to order spare / additional parts /  to enable timorous cleaning and multiple wearers to share the mascot duties. Typically, a spare lycra suit, shirt and gloves are useful when two different wearers are sharing the mascot. This can also allow one set to be laundered whilst using the other set in rotation. Having a spare set of feet, shoes or gloves is also an insurance against loss or accidental damage.


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