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Spa Treatment

Full Spa Treatment to keep your Mascot Clean & Fully Maintained.
Mascots work hard and like all of us they need a break to recover. What better than to send your tired mascot to Theatreland for our complete Spa Treatment. Here, your mascot will undergo a full check up and clean. Any splitting joints or loose parts will be fixed and / or replaced. When the mascot returns for duty it will be clean, looking good and ready for its next appearance.
A Few Tips for Looking After your Mascot. 
  • Before trying on anything, make sure the head of the person working the suit has adjusted the helmet on the inside to his own size.
  • Always make sure there is an assistant to help dress the mascot and to protect the mascot during performances. Watch out for step and stairs, or areas difficult to move around on with the large shoes. It’s also good to scout the performance area before dressing.
  • Whilst dressing, use the carry bag or a piece of plastic underneath to help keep suit and body parts off the floor.
  • Make sure the head is put on properly. Adjust internal straps for correct fit.
  • Make sure the wearer puts his feet through the elastic step on the inside of the shoes. This will hold the shoes firmly on the feet for safety.
  • Gloves are usually 4 fingered. Pinky and ring finger usually share.
  • Provide user with lots of water during breaks. It’s essential to keep them hydrated due to the heat they have to endure.
  • Keep the wearer safe. Avoid using close to swimming pools, steps, braai and open fire. The mascot assistant must protect the wearer at all times.
  • After the performance, carefully remove the costume. It is advisable to turn the suit inside out and hang it up to air. Use a damp sponge to wipe off any masks or dirt from the head, shoes and body. se a clean cloth to wipe the inside of the head. A little talc sprinkled inside the head and shoes once dry helps to keep everything fresh.
  • Do not pack the mascot away in its carry bag for long periods of time unless it has been aired properly.
  • All material parts without foam rubber can be hand washed in soft soap.
  • Try and spot clean suit always on the same day of it getting soiled. It helps that dirt does not become stains.
  • Always hang suit out in a ventilated area rather than keeping it in the bag. Especially after use!
  • We recommend that you return the mascot to us twice a year for a full Spa Clean where your mascot will be cleaned and repaired making sure it is in tip top condition for upcoming appearances.
  • REMEMBER - Your mascot represents your brand. A dirty mascot or one in poor repair will put out a negative image of your company.