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Copyright Characters

Micky & Minnie Mouse, Sponge Bob, Peppa Pigs, Barney, Frozen etc.To copy any character that belongs to a brand such as Disney, Warner Brothers, Nickelodeon etc are protected by very strict copyright laws. They can only be recreated under licence from the copyright owner. To order from Theatreland you must be the licence holder. Any infringement of such laws can result in serious penalties.  Whilst we acknowledge that such characters are being advertised for sale in South Africa, they are counterfeit and as such it is illegal to purchase or use such characters in public for commercial gain. Active steps are in place by authorities to stop infringements.

Identify your brand with a unique CUSTOM MADE MASCOT FROM THEATRELAND. Use with confidence and create merchandising & business opportunities. Let Theatreland help you to develop YOUR OWN CHARACTER to become the Ambassador of YOUR BRAND.

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