Mascots SA - Custom Made Mascots - Props & Animatronics



The cost of a custom made mascot is based on its complexity. The more complex the design, the longer it takes to manufacture and therefore the more it costs. Also additional requirements such as props, accessories & branding can push the price up. It is recommended that you give us an idea on your budget when requesting a quotation as this will assist us in ensuring that we base our quotation on a design that will meet your budget.

Simple Mascots cost between R12,500 to R15,000

Complex Mascots cost between R15,000 to R25,000

The entire project including design, pattern development, proto-typing, mould making, fabrication, costume design, accessories, branding and storage cases takes an experienced team anything from 14 to 30 working days to complete depending on complexity, sometimes longer.

All these processes are completed by very experienced and talented individuals to ensure a world-class product.

As a mascot is expected to represent your brand for a long time it is vital that it has been manufactured to withstand the hard life mascots have to endure. This is often underestimated which can prove to be an expensive mistake.

A well designed and Custom Made Mascot is without doubt an investment for your brand which when amortised over 2 years will prove to be the most cost effective form of advertising available.

We recommend that when working out your budget for your mascot you include the cost of a Tote Box. This is a new product which is a cross between a padded tote bag and a flight case. A Tote Box has an aluminium frame, covered in a very strong and waterproof nylon canvas. The floor and roof of the box is solid. A Tote Box can be used for transporting your mascot anywhere in the world and you can stack on top during storage. The small cost of a Tote Box will protect your mascot during transport and storage saving you many costs associated with packing boxes, damage and cleaning. Great Protection for your mascot investment.