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Prices & FAQ's


How do our prices compare with Mascots from overseas.

The average cost for a mascot overseas is between $3200 and $5000 which equates to R48,500 to R80,000 at the current exchange rates. This is before you pay for freight and customs duty. All our mascots are made to International Standards and compare with any you will find in Europe or the USA. Of course, if you are based in Europe or USA and buy from South Africa you will benefit from our favourable US$ exchange rate saving you more than 50%.

For oversees orders the average cost for a complete Custom Made Mascot is less than $1000 This is why we export to countries all over the world. 


Can you make Disney Characters ?

To copy any character that belongs to a brand such as Disney, Warner Brothers, Nickelodeon etc are protected by very strict copyright laws. Any infringement of such laws can result in serious penalties.  Whilst we accept that such characters are being advertised for sale in South Africa via the web or unscrupulous suppliers, they are counterfeit and as such it is illegal to purchase or use such characters in public. We have been advised by Disney SA that SARS and the Boarder Police are actively working to stop such imports usually from China.

How long does it take to make a mascot?

Theatreland are at the forefront of mascot design, supplying custom mascots for both local and International brands. Our products are of the highest quality equal to products available from America and Europe but at a fraction of the costs.

Our services & development processes include:

  • Mascot Design in 3D CAD
  • Prototyping
  • Sculpting, Moulds & Patterns
  • Custom Build & Fabrication
  • Branding
  • Accessories & Props
  • Tote Bags & Flight Cases
  • Cooling Systems
  • Animatronics & Talky Systems
  • Cleaning, Maintenance & refurbishing.

Before creating your character our art department will send you a conceptual design for approvals. Every character we create is hand crafted precisely to the approved designs. On acceptance of the design we will confirm your delivery date which is generally 3 to 6 weeks from acceptance depending on our work load. We do offer a ‘Priority Service’ for those with tight deadlines.

Do you offer discounts if you buy more than one mascot?

Yes, once we have made the first mascot all the patterns and moulds are done so subsequent mascots of the same design are discounted.

Can you assist in the designing of a mascot?

Conceptual Design: There is no-charge for the Conceptual Design Phase of a project. The purpose of CD is to confirm what your final character will look like, the colors, costume, branding, vision and ventilation. Your Mascot Character is then created according to the approved design.

Character Design: Character design is more involved than conceptual design and takes more time. Our in-house designer will work with you to develop a unique character which can then be used in your marketing material and for the development of a mascot. Theatreland will quote for this service.

Can mascots be easily cleaned?

We use fabrics that can be cleaned. During the design we try to make covers detachable for easy cleaning where required.

What are mascots made from?

We use lots of different materials to manufacture mascots. It depends on what character we are making. Take a look at the ‘Development Process’ for a better explanation.

The majority of our heads are formed from High Impact Polystyrene. This is extremely strong yet light and comfy to wear. They are also more hygienic than most other alternatives and easy to clean. Due to design constraints or by client request we still make some heads using the traditional fiber glass method. Heads are supported either by an internal adjustable strap (Deluxe) or by foam support pads (Economy).

All heads are covered in a quality fabric to suit the approved conceptual design and then characterized appropriately. Vision is generally via the eyes and / or mouth and ventilation is via an air hole disguised on top of the head, out of view. Optional Fan Assisted Cooling Systems are available. The mascots bodies use complimenting fabrics and materials.

Do you have 'ready made' mascots?

We do have some ‘Ready Made’ animal mascots. You will need to contact us to see what we have in stock as it changes daily.

Are mascots very hot to wear?

Yes they can be hot to wear. Great care should be taken, especially during the summer season. Our mascots are ventilated and we do offer various cooling system options.

Do you hire out mascots?

Yes we do have a selection of mascots for hire. Please contact us to check what is available. 021 531 5919