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With the exchange rate of the South African Rand sitting at around 18.5 to the British Pound and 15 to the US dollar and Euro, it has never been a better time to buy from South Africa. The saving can be significant. 


As an example:

A Custom Made Mascot produced in South Africa will cost between 10,000 South African Rand and 25,000 South African Rand

Coversion R10,000 South African Rand to:

British Pound = 550

US dollar = 665

Euro = 600

Coversion R15,000 South African Rand ( average spend ) to:

British Pound = 800

US dollar = 998

Euro = 900

Business is Simple with South Africa !

  • All staff at Theatreland are English Speaking as home language.
  • The time zone between SA and Europe is negligible +/- 1 hour depending on the time of year, so no communication problems unlike dealing with the Far East.
  • The quality of our products are equal to anything you can find worldwide. Simply look at our list of prestigious clients and brands both International and local. 

So, if you are considering having mascots made, consider requesting a free, non obligation quotation from Theatreland. It could save you thousands!.


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