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Licenced Mascots


The development process for our Licenced option follows the same process as in our 'Custom Made' mascots. However, some organisations have licensed characters or require a character to be 100% unique and exclusive. In such events, Theatreland will create everything from scratch starting with the sculpting of the character, prototyping, patterns and designs according to your precise brief and specifications. After construction, all moulds, patterns and designs are placed into embargo meaning that they can only be used by your organisation.



Peppa Pigs for the South African Production.

This process is desirable by companies with Copyright characters for example Disney Characters, Movie Characters, TV Characters, Professional Sports Teams & Corporate Identity.

When selecting the 'Licence' option the molds and patterns are made specifically for you and can only be used by your organisation.

Boomer from 'WONDER PARK' - Paramount Pictures.

SNAP CRACKLE & POP for Kelloggs. Pop is shown in photo above.

Soaring Eagle & Buttercup. New Designs for Spur Steak Ranches.

TRANSFORMER Mascots for Hasbro Toys - Optimus Prime & Bumble Bee

My Little Pony mascots for Hasbro Toys - Twighlight Sparkle & Pinkie Pie. Worn by a single actor but looks like four legs. Rear legs suspended. Vision via Giant Eyes.


Identify your brand with a unique CUSTOM MADE MASCOT FROM THEATRELAND. Use with confidence and create merchandising & business opportunities. Let Theatreland help you to develop YOUR OWN CHARACTER to become the Ambassador of YOUR BRAND.

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