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Theatreland is committed to caring for the health and well-being of our partners, staff, their families and customers. We fully support and will adhere to the guidelines as set by the South African Government during Lockdown and beyond.

We assure our clients that Theatreland will endeavour to produce our mascots, animatronics and props according to production schedules, however, should delays look inevitable due to circumstances beyond our control you will be notified. During Lockdown our sales, admin and support departments will be working from home and are there to assist you. You may contact us via WhatsApp or mobile phone 082 557 1154 or via email International clients +27 82 557 1154.

Eventually the Lockdown regulations will be relaxed and the country will start to normalise. But BUSINESS WILL NOT BE AS USUAL. We must remember that the COVID-19 virus will still be with us and will be for at least 12 to 18 months until such time as the scientists have developed a successful vaccine.

In the interim we need to continue with Social Distancing, Washing Hands and using Sanitisers in the Workplace, Shopping Centres, Education Facilities, Retail Stores, Tourist Destinations, Churches and Gatherings.

It has been proven that MASCOTS are one of the most cost effective and best ways of GETTING THE MESSAGE ACROSS. A mascot can be used on a continuous basis walking around and attracting attention whilst reminding everyone of what they need to do. Mascots are fun, effective, remembered and loved by adults and children alike.

          "BE WISE - SANITIZE"                                   "BEAT THE BUG"

We have introduced a range of COVID-19 AWARENESS MASCOTS. They are fun, effective and get the message across. Each mascot is custom made so you can choose your own colours, message, design options and fabrics. They are supplied complete with a tote bag for storage and transport plus you can select optional cooling systems.

Currently we have designs ready to make for:

Happy Hand - Get the message across on the importance of washing hands.

Sanitise Bottle - Get the message across on the importance of sing Sanitiser.

Germ Monster - Effective  warning - "You don't want me  - Stay Away"

Owl - "Be Wise - Sanitise"

SA Super Hero - Muscle Super Hero in SA Flag Colours with Lightning bolt prop 2 meters long - Get the message across "Social Distance - 2 meters apart"

 Lead time 3 to 4 weeks. 

THE AVIATOR - Reusable Face Mask.

Easy to use – Easy & quick to Clean – Very Comfortable.

Perfect for Food Delivery - Outdoor Workers - Delivery Companies - Security Companies - Schools and many more .......

With the Aviator you only need one mask. Unlike DIY fabric masks where you need at least two to wear alternatively whilst one is being washed. The Aviator can be worn outside in rainy weather and then dried instantly. No need to spend the day in a wet soggy face mask. It can be sanitised immediately and filters replaced in a few minutes.

Talking is made easier as the mask does not actually touch your lips. The design prevents the mask from slipping down and exposing the nose.  And for those that wear glasses, the Aviator helps to prevent misting due to the rubber seal around the nose and bridge area of the face. One size fits all ( teenagers to adults ) with adjustable strap. Available in 3 colour combinations 

Black / Black    White / Black    Yellow / Black 

Aviator Classic                        R195.00 each [ white, black or yellow ]

Aviator Deco                           R225.00 each. 

Aviator AB FAB                       R245.00 each.

Aviator Camo                         R275.00 each.

All supplied with spare set of filters.

Quantity Discount Prices on request

Prices exclude postage if required.

Please visit to view full range and to place orders.


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South Africans have been asked to not use medical-grade masks, especially N95 masks and respirators, which should be reserved for medical use. However, wearing a face mask when in public is now mandatory, and will remain so until SA believes it has SARS-CoV-2 under control. Aviator has been designed as an alternative to disposable surgical and Fabric Face masks. The Aviator IS NOT an N95 mask nor respirator.

The Avaitor mask, as with fabric masks, is not intended to prevent wearers from catching the novel coronavirus. Instead it is hoped pervasive use will stop asymptomatic carriers from inadvertently spreading the virus. Putting the mask on is so simple and it can be removed without touching it. When not in use, the masks hangs around the neck preventing the need to put it down, preventing possible accidental contamination.