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Pre Designed Mascots

Our pre-designed Mascots have been created to KEEP COSTS DOWN. At Theatreland we recognise that a mascot is an investment and that amortising the cost over two years makes a mascot one of the most cost effective forms of advertising to promote your school, products or fund raising activities.

However, in these demanding economic times every Rand saved is helpful. We also know that some organisations decide to purchase 'Cheap' mascots from China or other sources. As professionals in the industry we strongly recommend against this as you never know what will arrive, how long it will last, will it survive the African conditions and most importantly, who will be there to maintain it. Generally, by the time you add the cost of freight and import duties there is not much of a saving if any.

For all the reasons above we have developed a range of pre-deigned mascots that are excellent quality, are durable and easy to clean PLUS we are here to maintain them as and when required. All this but at a lower cost. Within this range Theatreland can offer a quality mascot solution from R7,500 to R9,500. T

Take a look at our range of pre-designed mascots and optional extras. We will then be happy to find the ideal 'Low Cost' solution for you. Whatever your budget, contact us and let us do our best to assist you.

Characters in this range are pre-designed to fit an adult +/- 1.75 to 1.85 tall of average build. Each character consist of:

Mascot Head manufactured from HIPS ( High Impact Polystyrene ) and covered in fur / fleece fabrics depending on character design. Vision is via eyes and mouth. Ventilation to top. The head sits on the shoulder and there is internal support for comfort.

Mascots Costume manufactured from matching fabrics with attached gloves and foot covers. The costume is lined and has a zip at the rear for access.

Protective Bag manufactured from a light fabric with drawstring designed to help protect your mascot during storage and transport.

Our selection of Pre-designed mascots consists of popular characters. They can be supplied in various colours and you can also order additional optional items such as branded clothing, mascot style shoes etc to enhance and customise your character.

Some of our pre-designed characters are listed below..,

Cute Dog.     Hound Dog      Cat.      Rabbit      Pig.     Lion.      Tiger.      

Friendly Eagle.       Angry Eagle       Friendly Bear.      Angry Bear.      

Panda Bear.      Polar Bear.     Happy Hippo.     Rhino.     Monkey

Happy Boy.     Happy Girl.     Man.     Woman.