Rent To Own - Available to clients in South Africa Only
The Perfect Solution for Franchise Operations.....
How It Works
  1. Select a Plan that suits your budget 3 to 12 months

  2. Complete the Rental Application Form 

  3. Pay the Deposit ( refundable at end of rental term )

  4. Allow 4 to 6 weeks for the creation of your Custom Made Mascot

  5. On delivery, the 1st Rental Payment is due and paid monthly thereafter

  6. At the end of the Rental Term you can purchase the mascot for R100

  • 12 Month Plan

    Every month
    Refundable Deposit R5000
    Valid for 12 months
    • Conceptual Design
    • Standard Custom Made Mascot
    • Branding
    • Tote Bag
    • Value: R18,000
  • Most Popular

    6 Month Plan

    Every month
    Refundable Deposit R5000
    Valid for 6 months
    • Conceptual Design
    • Standard Custom Made Mascot
    • Branding
    • Tote Bag
    • Value: R18,000
  • 3 Month Plan

    Every month
    Refundable Deposit R5000
    Valid for 3 months
    • Conceptual Design
    • Standard Custom Made Mascot
    • Branding
    • Tote Bag
    • Value: R18,000


Lee decides that he wants to have a Custom Made Mascot to represent his Franchise Business. To assist the Franchisees and to make it affordable, Lee decides to enter into a Rent to Own agreement. MascotsSA make the mascots for the Franchisees according to the agreed designs to include branding and accessories. The Total cost of the mascot per Franchisee was quoted as R18,000 ex vat. They agree to a 12 month rental agreement with MascotsSA. They each pay a refundable deposit of R5,000 followed by 12 monthly instalments of R1500 ex vat. During the rental period the franchisees have full use of the Mascot using them to boost brand awareness and increase sales. On termination of the rental period, the Franchisee takes full ownership for just R100.00 ( One hundred Rand ) and the security deposit of R5000 is refunded.


When can I decide to use the 'Rent To Own' option.?

Once we have sent you a quotation for your Custom Made Mascot you can decide on your payment options. If you decide on the 'Rent To Own' option we will send you an agreement to be signed.

When do I start Paying?

To confirm the order you must (a) Sign the Agreement and (b) Pay the security deposit. Monthly instalments will follow as agreed on the Agreement.

What is the Security Deposit?

The Security Deposit protects MascotsSA against any loss or damage to the Mascot during the Rental Period. Generally, as this is a 'Rent To Own' agreement the Renter looks after the mascot well as it will be 100% owned within a few months. At the end of the Rental Term the Security Deposit is refunded.

Do the Rental Payments go against the Purchase Price?

Yes, 100% of your monthly rental fees are offset against the purchase price.

What happens if I cannot afford to continue the monthly payments?

The Agreement provides protection to the Renter in the event that payments cannot be continued for the rental period. The mascots will be returned to MascotsSA who will retain all payments made to-date.


When do I get my Mascot?​​

Generally it takes four to six weeks to make a Custom Made Mascot. As soon as it has been completed we send you photographs for approvals. Once approved, we dispatch the mascot to you.

Can I include Optional Extra's on the Rental Agreement?

Yes. This is one of the benefits. By adding all the optional extra's like Cooling Systems and Tote Boxes, the costs are spread. You can now afford everything you need to look after your investment and make it more comfortable for the wearer. Optional Extra's will be calculated and the cost will be spread as per the rental agreement.

Who owns the Mascot?

During the rental period, MascotsSA retain ownership of the Mascot and Accessories. On termination of the Agreement, the ownership is transferred to you for just R100.00 (One Hundred Rands ).

Who is responsible for the Mascot during the Rental Period?

MascotsSA guarantee their mascots against damage caused by poor workmanship or failure of materials, joints, seams etc. However, once delivered the Risk for loss, theft, cleaning, maintenance or damage is passed to the Renter. You are therefore advised to take insurance for the rental period.

Is there any Interest Charged

No. This is not a loan and therefore we do not charge any interest. You are simply renting the mascot for an agreed amount of of time with the intention of buying at the end of the term.

How Do I Apply & how long does it take?

Once you have received your quote and decide to take the 'Rent To Own' option, contact us on 021 531 5919 or via email to to request an application form. Your application is usually approved within 24 hours.

Benefits of Rent To Own

  • Increase cash flow – low, affordable monthly payments without a big upfront investment;

  • Enables you to have everything you need PLUS all accessories to improve your mascot experience.

  • Number of options – 3, 6 or 12  month terms;

  • VAT charged monthly on rental fee spreading the cost.

  • Complete Custom Made Mascot created to your specification. Branding included.

  • Same Development Process as outright purchase option including  Conceptual Design.

  • Tote Bag supplied to protect the Mascot during storage and transport  - inclu

  • Minimise tax – monthly payments are tax deductible;

  • Renting is a valid business expense & doesn’t reduce your equity in business or capacity to borrow for future expansion;

  • Simple and quick no obligation application process.

  • You can purchase the mascot at any time.

  • Optional Extra's can be added to the agreement.

  • At the end of the term you own the mascot for just R100.00

  • Deposit is refundable at end of term.