Hear what our Happy Clients have to say..,

"Our Mascot was delivered more than two hours ago and I must tell you it looks fabulous.  It is just gorgeous.  We had a guy from our IT department wearing it and went to the manger (who I ordered it for) and surprised him in his office.  I think it was the first time ever a saw such a smile on his face - and that for longer than 10 minutes. We had managers from the branches in our office today and they just wanted to take the mascot with them to use as a marketing tool in their town".



 "It was a very special day today and we could not have done it without Theatreland. 
We introduced Bella and Butch to the pupils today, they were thrilled to say the least! 
Your service was amazing and the product you delivered was of top quality. They look fabulous!...keep up the high standard of service, hope to see soon".


"I have received feedback from our directors here at Oceans and they are ecstatic at how these mascots have turned out. 
On behalf of the directors and everyone at Oceans, we would like to thank you and your staff for all of your above-and-beyond efforts and definitely wish to work further with you and your company in the future".

"Good morning Team

A huge thank you for our beautiful mascot, excellent service and quality product. Please find photos attached of our friendly eland in action and posing with our principal Mr Oliver".

"Our mascot is one of the greatest investments that we ever made – thank you again! - SAFARI INVESTMENTS RSA Ltd.